Expert Tips for Getting a Great Deal When Buying a New Clayton Home

home buyingBuying a new home in Clayton for the first time is a new and exciting experience for the most part. But when it comes down to the actual buying process there are often a lot of challenges involved that makes the task more daunting to the inexperienced buyers. The following are five simple tips for getting a great deal on a home

Hire an expert real estate agent

You need a great real estate agent to help you with the buying process. Avoid hiring the first real-estate agent you meet. You should shop around for real estate agents who work in Clayton area where you are interested in and hire the one with the most relevant experience. Agents with strong negotiation skills can get you great deals for a new home. They also know where all the best properties are and can help you find the ideal home for your needs by doing all the footwork. For a trusted real estate agent in Clayton, get in touch with Teresa Byrd.

Understand the market

Do not solely rely on a real estate agent. You should also do your own market research so you know what to expect financially. Sometimes the listed property price can be misleading, for instance, a house may be listed at an affordable price bit with a lot of offers, and it will sell at a more expensive price. Studying the markets also lets you know where the best places to buy homes are.

New home contract

Understand your finances

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying a home is not knowing what they can and cannot afford. You need to get your finances in order before you start looking at any houses. Visit a financial advisor and find out the current state of your finances, the financing options you have and the kind of home you can afford to buy. Having a clear picture of how much you have to spend will help you maintain a level head during the bidding war rather than blowing your budget.

Become an attractive buyer

Property sellers are also looking for attractive buyers to sell to. One of the ways you can make the seller more comfortable selling to you is by getting a preapproved mortgage, which makes you appear more serious to the seller. This is especially useful when the seller is getting multiple offers. Sellers want buyers with as few contingencies in the contract as possible. Sellers want buyers with the highest certainty of closing without any issues.

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